Flooding Means Job Security for Plumbers in Florida

Having all the equipment necessary to help people out after a flood is what makes a plumber a Godsend when disasters happen. One never expects the unexpected and when you return to your home after a week’s vacation only to find you have had a water pipe burst, or the water heater blow, it can be absolutely devastating to see all the damage caused. Plumbers are quick to respond whether it is day or night and they come bearing water extracting devices, fans, mops and brawn. Insurance usually covers the costs related to flooding if and only if it entails falling water and not rising water. So, if you over fill the water bed, or have a washing machine go on the fritz and release gallons of water onto the floor, then after your deductible, plumbing experts can respond and get your house back into its original condition at very little cost to you.

Normally the water heater is in a place where water damage can be minimal. However, sometimes the water heater can be placed in the loft or attic and if it goes awry, massive amounts of water will cause considerable damage to walls and rooms beneath. The plumber will locate the leak origin and determine what needs to be done to rectify the situation. He will shut off the gas and give the system an overall examination. Sometimes the plumber can fix the problem and sometimes he will have to recommend replacement.

In Florida, sudden winter freezes can cause complete havoc with the water pipes in homes and office buildings. If the weather is nice when people leave for vacation, and it freezes while they are gone, the pipes can easily freeze, crack, thaw and start a never ending cascade of water flowing throughout the house. Unfortunately people turn their heaters too low and allow for the interior of the house to get too cold. That combined with the freezing temperatures cause the water in the pipes to freeze and expand. The first call made will be to an experienced plumber who can deal with not only the burst pipe but with remediating the damage done to walls, floors, and carpets. After the recovery has been completed, the plumber will need to use water vacs and extractor fans to dry out the premises. Preventing mold will be one of the main requirements and that will require treating walls and floors with mold resistant chemicals. Finally, after things are back to status quo, the plumber will recommend and apply insulating fiberglass material to outside pipes to thwart this event from ever happening again.

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